Aktuellt om konst i Blekinge

Lerexkusion i Blekinge. Fotograf Charlotte Nilsson, Blekinge museum.

Photo: Charlotte Nilsson

This Year's Residency Artists at AIR Blekinge are chosen

We are delighted to announce the selection of this year's residency artists at AIR Blekinge. The decision-making process was no easy task, given the abundance of talented and passionate artists who applied. We would have loved to welcome each and every one of them to Blekinge, but after careful consideration, we have ultimately chosen four exceptional artists to participate in our residency program. They are interconnected in several ways, although they do not know about it yet.

Wood sculpture

Andrej Polukord from Lithuania

Furthermore, we are delighted to welcome Andrej Polukord from Lithuania. He brings a unique perspective to our residency with his performative project, "Wood Statues”, with interventions in deforested fields. Andrej's work revolves around interventions and performances that bridge art and nature. His interest in the forest and environmental issues aligns perfectly with our mission of promoting sustainable artistic practices. Andrej is also preparing a workshop aimed at involving young people.

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Otalt: Sara Falkstad and Helene Karlsson

Our residency program is also honored to host the artist duo Otalt, comprised of Sara Falkstad and Helene Karlsson. Their engagement with performance and relational art projects is inextricably linked with the history of women, contemporary and historic narratives and research. Through storytelling, participatory art projects, archival research, and a special emphasis on the suffrage movement in Blekinge, Otalt promises to add an engaging and thought-provoking dimension to our residency while connecting local history and cultural heritage.

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Aino Ojala

Aino Ojala from Finland

Among the talented artists we invite Aino Ojala from Finland. Aino's artistic practice encompasses textiles, clay, text, and electronics, weaving together various mediums to explore themes of interaction, physicality, touch, and intimacy. Her work aligns seamlessly with our focus on multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation. Aino's exploration of the senses and craftsmanship resonates and connects with both the tangible and the ephemeral aspects of art and life.

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About AIR Blekinge

AIR Blekinge, short for "Artists in Residence Blekinge," is a dynamic artist-in-residence program that provides artists from diverse disciplines with the opportunity to engage, explore, and create within the inspiring environment of Blekinge, Sweden. Our residency offers artists the space, time, and support needed to develop their projects, while also facilitating interaction with the local community and environment. Our focus area is the Baltic Sea Region and the residency is based in Ronneby. Artists from the countries around the Baltic Sea, the Nordic countries and artists in Blekinge or close connections to Blekinge are eligble to apply to our open call every year. Our aim is to establish long-term collaborations between artists and different actors in the region with its starting point during the residency.

As we eagerly anticipate the creative journeys that Andrej Polukord, Aino Ojala, and the Otalt duo will embark upon during their time with us, we extend our warmest welcome to these artists. Each artist brought a unique perspective and passion to the selection process, making our decision a truly challenging one. We look forward to witnessing the creative projects that will undoubtedly emerge during this year's residency at AIR Blekinge. Together, we look forward to meaningful interactions and collaborative experiences that contribute to the ever-evolving tapestry of art and culture in Blekinge and beyond.